Solving 65k method limit error "Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536" in Eclipse.
by Thizzer

Recently I have updated the Android support library for my projects to the latest version and implemented a custom HttpClient due to deprecation on Android’s side. After I made these changes I tried running one of the projects. This resulted in an rerror regarding conversion to the Dalvik format.

Automatically remove trailing whitespace in Eclipse
by Thizzer

I have been working with Git for a while now. Today I encountered an error related to trailing whitespace in my files. Because most of the time I don't consciously add trailing whitespace to my lines I was hoping Eclipse would solve this for me, and it did!

Mobile Device Management Resources
by Thizzer

I am currently working on a small Mobile Device Management setup. It has taken a lot of time to find the right resources with all the information I need for this. So to make it easier for you guys this article contains some resources with information on MDM structures. I will expand the article with more information soon!

Programmatically using CoreData
by Thizzer

Apple’s CoreData provides an easy-to-use mechanism to store data and objects in your iOS and OSX Apps. Using the .xcdatamodeld file you can predefine your model and using that you can generate NSManagedObject subclasses to allow easy interaction with your database. CoreData also allows for versioning of your datamodel so that you have to do the least manual conversion possible when making changes to it.


But there is another way to do this. Programmatically. This means we are not defining the datamodel in the .xcdatamodeld file but in our code.


In this article I will explain how to programatically create and manage CoreData storage in Objective-C. Later I will also try to add a Swift variant.